Charles K. Landis aka Dr. De Maio


The Friends of Historic Vineland is a non-profit corporation founded in 1997 by a group of local volunteers seeking ways to 

educate the community and celebrate their hometown in the shadow of Charles K. Landis’ vision of a model city.


                 In 1861 our nation embarked into the tragedy of Civil War. BUT, in a little wilderness swamp in the middle of  

                Southern New Jersey , a man, named Charles K. Landis, had a dream:  to build a model town of peace, and 

                               decency, and industry and beauty and hope . . .  




          The Purpose of Vineland Founder, Charles K. Landis


      " found a place which, to the greatest possible extent, might be the abode of happy prosperous and beautiful homes.  

To first lay it out upon a plan conductive to beauty and convenience, and in order to secure its success, establish therein the 

best of schools.  Different branches which experience has shown to be beneficial to mankind; also manufactories, and different 

industries, and the churches of different denominations.  In short, all things essential to the prosperity of mankind but, at the 

same time, under such provision for public adornment and the moral protection of the people, that the home of every man of 

reasonable industry might be made a sanctuary of happiness and an abode of beauty, no matter how poor he might be.  In fact, 

I desire to make Vineland so desirable a place to live in by reason of its various privileges and over all to throw such a halo of 

beauty as would make people loath to leave it, and, if they did so, would draw them back again"



The Mission Statement of the Friends of Historic Vineland  


The Friends of Historic Vineland exist to foster public awareness and community pride in the rich and diverse history of

  Vineland, New Jersey.  This is accomplished through historical and cultural arts education programs and family friendly 

celebration events, imparting a vision for the future, as inspired by the past, to the present youth of Vineland - the next 

generation of history makers in this great city.




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