Articles Written By: Greg Miser

Types of Online Chat Service and the Manner of Preparing Them

Conversing with your clients is easy to handle, but knowing what the client is hoping to accomplish by talking to a live agent is not easy. The information you provide during the conversation has an effect on the client. This is particularly true for internet based live chat.

There are three common types of live chat for websites that can be planned for and manned. This makes it a lot simpler to build your live chat team to meet your specific objectives and needs.

While the personnel requirements for every type of chat may differ, a well-developed live chat group still keeps the standard requirement for qualities such as politeness and the capability to stand for the brand properly and its voice. Use this easy guide to the three primary types of live chat communications to plan your team and live chat technique.


chatThe most basic type of live chat for websites is as simple as providing answers to the questions and information for your site visitors. This kind of live chat is designed to provide factual, objective information that your site visitors can use in making a decision or taking an action. This kind of live chat, also has the most basic of personnel needs. Basically, the chat personnel have the standard responses and resources to handle the most common inquiries. Complicated or uncommon questions can be forwarded to a more expert agent as needed. This kind of chat is likewise well-fitted for administrative assistants and other personnel whose main responsibility leaves them the liberty to manage basic live chats.

An informational live chat representatives should…

  • 1.have access to product specifications
  • provided a list of frequently asked questions and answers
  • knowledgeable in website functionality and company policy


There comes a time where live chats are transformed into requesting recommendations instead of gathering information. That is when the conversation becomes a sales live chat. If this usually happens on your site, you need to have the kind of live chat for websites that is handled by an agent that are focused and trained on sales chats.

A sales chat representative will have all the details that an informational chat representative does, but will also have a distinct talent or the training to know what the prospect requires and help them choose the right product.

The majority of the companies that need sales live chat representatives will have their regular sales team handle live chats if in case they are unoccupied. Basically, sales chat representatives will have prepared access or knowledge of product comparison information. This type of data is important in helping clients choose the best product, and make sure that they are satisfied afterwards.

Sales live chat representatives should have knowledge of present and future promotions so that they can best help guide a client to have a great buying experience. Providing assistance to your customer find an amazing product with promotional price a great way to have a happy and contented clients and boost sales conversion ratios.

Customer Service

Live chat for websites that focuses on past and current customers is the other type of live chat. This kind of live chat emphasize on providing help to those customers who have a problem during the process of purchasing an item. Most of the time this kind of conversation is quite difficult and usually heated, and requires a live chat representative that is an expert on a specific topic.

A customer service live chat representative will basically have access to the most complicated information – everything a sales and informational live chat representative has, plus more information like customer and order records. The customer service live chat representatives should be allowed to give refunds and authorize returns.