Articles Written By: Edward Thompson


Neck lanyards are the most utilized type of lanyard nowadays. They have become casual accessories of working professionals. Besides, majority of companies require their employees to wear lanyards for identification purposes. They are printed with company logos and brand names to help identify those wearing them.

Government employees are required to wear badges attached to the lanyard all the time so they can easily be identified by people who need them. Those working in secretive industries use them for security reasons. These badges allow them access to different departments. They also make the surveillance system more effective, as it becomes easier to keep track of the employees’ movements.

In addition, neck lanyards make it easier to tell regular employees from security personnel.

People can easily locate the latter in case of emergencies, or when they need directions. Well, aside from wearing these special lanyards, security personnel are usually trained for critical situations and know the basic things that must be done.

Banking institutions and retail stores require their employees (especially those who are in customer service) to wear neck lanyards with their identification cards. Their names and titles should be displayed to make clients comfortable enough to approach them. Having the option to refer to employees on a first name basis makes customers more relaxed. In turn, the employees become more aware of the need to show utmost courtesy.

NECK LANYARDSHome service workers, like electricians, plumbers and technicians, use neck lanyards for identification. They need to show their IDs to assure their clients that they are legitimate employees of the service providers, and with these cords, they won’t have to pull out their IDs from their pockets and wallets every time they arrive on site.

Regular employees of restaurants and bars usually wear neck lanyards for easy identification. This eliminates the confusion brought by not being able to distinguish employees from patrons.

Different sports organizations use neck lanyards for carrying badges. Sometimes, medals are also attached to the lanyard for both decorative and commemorative purposes. Snowboarders and skiers also use neck lanyards to hold their transport passes. Doing so is more convenient, and keeping it close avoids potential loss.

Organizers use neck lanyards to help the participants meet and identify colleagues better. When everyone wears neck lanyards, it is easier to know who’s who. It keeps everyone aware of who are the guests, the participants, and the organizers. It also makes everyone more comfortable because there is a spirit of familiarity when you see each other’s classification based on the neck strap’s color.

High-profile personalities such as diplomats, politicians, leaders, and CEOs wear neck lanyards to make it easier to identify them in their official meetings. It has become a normal thing to wear neck lanyards during international conferences or humanitarian gatherings.

Neck lanyards are also functional in everyday life. Many people use them to hold pens, keys, and other accessories. Wearing these cords is more economical than using metal key rings. Pens that are attached to the neck lanyard are kept from being lost. Most students, professors, and technicians attach their USB to neck lanyards for easy access and safety. To know more details go through

Because of the Custom lanyard’s wide applications, many suppliers make decorative variants that appeal to different kinds of people. Gone are the days of simple, unprinted and boring custom lanyards. Today, these laces are colorful, artful, and customized to the client’s choice of design.

Every little detail that the client wants to include is given full attention by manufacturers. Their reason for doing so is simple – they wish to be partners of individuals, companies, and organizations in making life a lot less complicated.