Articles Written By: Sarah Jones

ID Lanyards – Materials and Hardware

ID lanyardsID lanyards are used not just to hang IDs around our necks but they are also very good advertising tools. Choosing the best lanyard starts with materials used for the strap and next, the hardware or the thing that will attach the ID holder to the strap is just as important.

ID Lanyards Materials

Lanyards are made of different materials to begin with. The price, durability, printability (of design), shine and texture of the straps vary.

1. Tubular lanyards

This is the cheapest of the materials and is also slim. It comes in 3/8 to 5/8 of an inch; it doesn’t stand out that much and is not as durable as well. Also because of the width, limited designs can be printed on its surface. This is best suitable for one-time use like a seminar, conference or a sports event.

2. Polyester 

This is thicker than tubular so it allows for bigger prints. It makes good ID lanyards for simple texts (like the name of the company or the event) and logos. It also comes in a low price which makes it a good choice for a silkscreen painted strap.

3. Woven 

It is made out of the same polyester material; the only difference is that designs are embroidered into the strap, not printed. Weaving the designs create an embossed effect, which look best on texts. Complicated logo designs would be tricky to create, though.

4. Nylon

Now we’ve come to the really good ones. Many customers choose nylon to its outstanding durability and also because it creates really wicked ID lanyards. The surface of nylon is shiny and smooth, making the imprinted designs vividly stand out. It does not wear and tear easily so it is perfect for frequent use.

5. Dye sublimated

This creates the best quality of prints. What’s best is that both sides of the strap are imprinted with the design. It is a bit on the pricey side, but hey, you are guaranteed of prints that stay vivid and don’t rub off for a long, long time. If you want straps not just for identification purposes, but also as promotional items – this is the best ID lanyard to go for.

ID Lanyards Hardware

The following are the most common hardware used in ID lanyards:

1) J-hook – is the most common attachment used in lanyards. It can be made of plastic or metal. It also comes in different sizes and with swivel or non-swivel. J-hook is very useful as it can also be used for different things with round attachment holes like keys, cellphones, pens and other objects you might want to bring around with you. They come in non-swivel or swivel, so you won’t have difficulty flipping your ID in case you’ve worn it wrong side up.

2) Quick-release buckle – looks very stylish but not exactly economical. It allows you though to remove the ID or whatever is attached to the lanyard without having to remove the strap from your neck. Note, however, that a simple pressure or press of the buckle releases the attachment. ID cards or keys might get lost if you don’t pay much attention to the release buckle.

3) Breakaway connector – comes apart only when upon application of enough force. They come off the neck with a firm tug.

4) Bulldog clip – made out of metal clip which is attached to a rectangular or oblong hole at the top of an ID holder.
Squeezing the clips allows for the attachment of the ID. It’s not as easy to open as the buckle or j-hook, which makes it a point up for safety.

5) Split ring – usually is made of metal. It can be used for any type of hole, be it a rectangular slot or a rounded hole at the top of the ID holder. It is also commonly used for keychain lanyards or to attach other tiny objects to the strap.