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      Each year, the Friends of Historic Vineland have sponsored a "Founder's Day" event for 

the benefit of the school children and the people of this area. The event has grown larger every year, with this one promising to be the members 

of the Friends in conjunction with local Civil War Reenactors will host all of the third grade school children of the Vineland School District at 

the Elwin School Complex ( the old Ames Training School) located at Main Road and Landis Avenue with a living history event. There will be 

a session in the morning, and one in the afternoon. Discussions and demonstrations will be presented of the history of Vineland and of the 

Civil War. Each session will end with a Civil War reenactment event and the firing of guns and cannon.  

In the evening, the Civil War reenactors will set up their tents. 



     Invited also will be local Boy Scout troops for a Boy Scout Jamboree.  They will be present from Friday night, to Sunday morning.   

On Saturday, (the day especially planned for the general public) the events will begin at 10:00 AM and last till 4:00 PM. A "tent city" will 

be present courtesy of the Friends with individuals demonstrating and speaking of the history of Vineland.  The Civil War Reenactors will 

demonstrate drilling, firing of cannon and other aspects of Civil War soldiering. They will have their own tent city and will show how they cooked, 

slept, and lived  in their tents.  



     Discussion will be given of Civil War medicine, and other interesting aspects of that war.  The Women's Club of Vineland will host a 

contest to judge the woman that has the most authentic Civil War dress, the best hat, and so forth.  There will be a barbecue in the afternoon 

with tickets sold at a reasonable price.  The children that attend will be allowed to "join the army" where they will be given a "bummer cap" 

(north or south as they prefer) then trained for the cavalry or infantry. If they join the cavalry they will train by riding a pony, and if they join 

the infantry they will drill with make-believe guns. They girls can "sneak" into the army, or they can take lesions in nursing.  While all of this is 

going on, there will be an antique car show in front of the school.  All in all, it should be an interesting day, and we would love for you to attend!!









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